Multipurpose Oil

Super Mulpus 2,5,10

SUPER MULPUS is a superior spindle oil that has been highly refined from carefully selected base oils and combined with rust and oxidation inhibitors. Its three grades vary in viscosity from the very low 2 mm2 /s to the moderate 10 mm2 /s(at 40˚ C).

Super Mulpus DX

SUPER MULPUS DX is a high-grade industrial lubricating oil blended from highly solvent-refined paraffinic base oils and carefully selected additives. Its outstanding performance meets the requirements for bearing oils, gear oils, hydraulic oils and slideway oils for general-purpose industrial machinery, and it was developed with top-quality features normally found only in specialty oils. Because SUPER MULPUS DX is a multipurpose industrial oil, it is ideal for streamlining lubrication management in factories.

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